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     Thank you for reading my books.  I am sincerely grateful for your support. 

The Dance of Monterrey

    This  poetic travelogue of Monterrey, Mexico has photographs of original paintings. It is available as a Kindle eBook in many countries. The Dance of Monterrey is a quick read at 50 pages or 30 Kindle page turns.





Plum Delight: Poetry Of The Earth


     Plum Delight is on Amazon Kindle in fixed format with photographs.  

It looks wonderful on an iPhone using the Kindle App.  

11- 2015

White Hall Baptist Church: The Little
Country Church of Your Dreams   
   Now available as a Kindle eBook and in Paperback throughout the Kindle sphere.  This book explores many of the primary questions of a fulfilling life.

11- 2015

Trumpet Cloud: Poems of Jesus -

is now available as a Kindle eBook

"Trumpet Cloud is my particular favorite, and I hope Jesus receives great glory from this book." Jean Ann Shirey  

Parallels of Light
     The price for Parallels of Light was lowered to $2.99  at Smashwords.
Honeymoon In Hawaii
 contains stunning photographs of Hawaii by Ted Foley. I experienced a wide range of emotions as I wrote this love story. Life is so rich, and Jesus is the Way.  John 14: 6, John 10:10

Parallels of Light  
is now available as an eBook on Amazon. Wallace E. Martin wrote a beautiful,
timeless story of comparison with the Light of the earth and the sun.  Wallace
took the amazing photographs, and I contributed the poetry. 

Jean Ann Shirey's Christian Poetic Art Books         

will be presented at the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Annual meeting 2017

for Coryell, Erath, Hamilton, and Lampasas Counties. 

First Baptist Church, Hamilton, 220 S. Bell St, Hamilton, Texas, 76531,

Sunday, October 15, 2017, 4:00 P.M.

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