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Plum Delight: Poetry Of The Earth
Enjoy some relaxing moments communing with nature. Read the poetry in Plum Delight for a balance of perception and amusement at this awesome world. Share the joy.
Plum Delight is available as a Kindle ebook at for $2.99.
  Amazon ASIN: B008OC1WSA
  ISBN-13  978-0-615-67423-0  Electronic Book Text with color photographs.
     " I am so thankful for this bountiful earth and the fruit God has given.  
  I noticed nature my whole life.  Its reflections altered me."   Jean Ann Shirey
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   Jean Ann Shirey's Christian Poetic Art Books are: Plum Delight: Poetry Of the Earth, The Dance of MonterreyWhite Hall Baptist Church: The Little Country Church of Your Dreams, Trumpet Cloud: Poems Of Jesus, Honeymoon In Hawaii, Dear God, Over the Golden Tide, Granny's Garden, and Marianna's Great Adventure. Parallels of Light was written by Wallace E. Martin and Jean Ann Shirey.


   I love to write by inspiration when at any moment words come to me, and I use whatever is at hand to write as words pour into my mind.  "Wild Plums on a Tree" was written on a paper towel when my husband was in the emergency room.  "The Signet" was written when I was in a lot of pain, and "To You" was written as I was walking around the block.  Each poem has a story.  Thank you, dear reader, for allowing me to do what I love.  I sincerely hope you receive inspiration from my work, completing the circle to honor God.


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The Dance of Monterrey by Jean Ann Shirey, travel, Monterrey, Mexico, Jesus; Books by Jean Ann Shirey; Monterrey Travelogue, paintings of Monterrey Mexico, Cerro do la Silla, Saddle Mountain, Kindle book
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Parallels of Light
   Take a mini-vacation with sunrises over ocean-views while pondering insights into the          parallel meanings of light on earth.  Find joy in Parallels of Light, with photography and
 prose by Wallace E. Martin as well as poetry by Jean Ann Shirey.
    "We have a remarkable brother / sister relationship and love each other in a manner           
  planned by God long ago to allow us to work together at this time."  Wallace is married
  and has a family.  
 Parallels of Light is a Kindle eBook located at Amazon for $2.99.
 ISBN-  13: 978-0-9979855-2-8         ASIN: B072WDFQQ3
 Parallels of Light is available at Smashwords as an ebook for $2.99.
  ISBN- 978-0-615-69612-6  Electronic Book Text  with color photographs 


The Dance of Monterrey
     Travel to Monterrey, Mexico, a city of mountains, and bask in the
  fresh glimmer of this varied metropolis.  The Dance of Monterrey is a      
  poetic vision of the mountains of the King.  "Shadows, sound, and light
  does tell the dance of Monterrey."
  The Dance of Monterrey contains color photographs of original paintings.   
   Kindle Edition $1.99
   ISBN-13: 978-0-615-69734-5 Electronic Book Text
   Amazon ASIN: B01LBH2FM6
   Page Count: 50

Trumpet CloudPoems Of Jesus

​     Trumpet Cloud is a poetic exploration of life in the light of Jesus.  This

  book was written to honor Jesus and to thank Him for what He has

  personally done for all people.  

  Trumpet Cloud contains text and color photographs.

  Kindle Edition $ .99

  Amazon AISN: B071RLMT8L


  File Size: 8986 KB


White Hall Baptist Church:

The Little Country Church of Your Dreams

    Have you ever wondered about God? Does God really have ideas for my life?

Who is Jesus? What does Jesus' life mean to me? What does the Bible say about important issues that affect my life?

   These questions and so many more are explored by the people in a country

church called White Hall Baptist Church. Join us on the journey to discover answers to the questions of a meaningful life.



Kindle Edition $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

$1.99 to buy on Kindle

$23.43 Paperback on Amazon

Amazon ASIN: B01KP0AH5M

Page Count: 116

Text and Color Photographs, U.S Trade Paper

ISBN/EAN13: 151911740X / 9781519117403 for Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-0-9979855-0-4 for Electronic Book Text

Honeymoon In Hawaii


Honeymoon In Hawaii is a young woman's lyric account of her first trip, and subsequent visits,

to Hawaii. She ponders her faith, her relationship with her husband, and the beauty of creation as they return to the islands on their anniversaries. Honeymoon In Hawaii follows the fictional lives

of a Christian couple and includes amazing photographs of Hawaii.

Photographs by Ted Foley


Kindle Edition $ 2.99  text and color photographs


ISBN: 13:978-0-9979855-3-5

File Size: 142957 KB    Print length: 124 pages

   Dear God,

  Dear God, is a series of heartfelt prayers with companion Bible verses, punctuated with lovely photographs of Hawaii. Jean Ann Shirey published her own prayers with the hope that many people will be encouraged to develop a personal, intimate relationship with God or draw closer to Him. “Loving Jesus is the most amazing connection possible, and leads to true fulfillment. I pray you will love Jesus, the source of peace and joy.” Ted Foley’s photographs emphasize the beauty of creation and demonstrate God’s love.

Paperback $19.65  

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018913882         ISBN: 9780997985573

  Over the Golden Tide                  

    This book was written the first thirty days after my husband died as I experienced God's continual faithfulness through my grief.  I write in hope the love of God will also light your way.

Paperback: $27.97

Library of Congress control Number: 2019911955

ISBN: 13:9781733435109

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